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Since we moved in July, I’ve been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Poor Andrew has had to deal with me being completely miserable because I hate the house so much, through to bouts of manic creativity, onwards to joyful happiness at how many parks we have, right back to abject disgust. You could say that I don’t deal with change very well, and you’d probably┬ádefinitely be right.

Anyway, I’ve come out of the other side now (I think) and seem to be adapting in a slightly more grown-up way. Instead of crying and wanting to move house, I’ve decided to tackle one area at a time and make them all as lovely as possible!

The most offensive area is, without a doubt, the hallway. From being dark and dingy because of the lack of windows and weird angle of the door, right through to the poorly designed stairs and the excessive amount of landing on the first floor (seriously, it’s significantly bigger than 3 out of the 5 upstairs rooms), it’s just basically horrendous. There’s nowhere to put storage because of all the doorways, so you just end up with a lot of wasted space!

I’ve been having a good think about it, and along with some help from trusty Pinterest, I’ve managed to come up with a pretty good plan (if I do say so myself). Here’s what I’m using as inspiration. I’ll upload before, progress, and after pictures in due course, and we may get a few DIY posts out of the whole affair if my intentions come to anything :)

Stairway lightsUnderstairs nook with lightsCurtain tie backsCurtain ideasBright polesHallway pompomsUnderstairs nook without lightsHallway sideboard

As you can see, I love fairy lights! I’m also trying to utilise the understair space by turning it into a nook, which in turn I hope to be able to convert into a bed if we have guests. Maybe it’s weird to house your guests in the downstairs hallway? But it will do for any younger relatives who come to stay. Overall, I just want to add lots of light and colour so that it feels like a happier place to walk into.

Anyways, that’s just a sneak peek into my current mindset! If anyone wants to give me a lesson on putting images in posts neatly, feel free ;) but you can click on any of these pictures and it’ll take you to the original pin on my {HappyHallway} Pinterest board.

Happy Thursday! (It’s especially happy for me – last day of full-time office work, huzzah!)

People of Tuesday morning

An old man and a tiny dog rustling their way down a snicket.

A small boy on a giant bicycle.

A young man who had just discovered aftershave.

A mother teaching her child how to cross the road. Badly.

A group of builders drinking tea.

A curly haired woman wearing a lovely dress.

And a gratuitous meme:

Blog meme

The past week

Hello, lovelies!

The past week has been a tiny bit crazy. Andrew started Bible college, and it was induction week – this meant long days of information about his timetable, administrative expectations, and tours around the various places of import – all followed by lots of social activities designed to help us get to know our fellow student families and feel part of the community! For an introvert (Andrew) and a neither (me), we found it enjoyable but really exhausting.

The current working week in which w
e find ourselves is my last at my current workplace. As of next week, I will officially be part-time as far as office work is concerned! Super yay! I have visions of blogging and product design over cups of tea in trendy local cafes, but the reality will probably be blogging and product design in my pyjamas with a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Product shots

During the latter part of last week, I spent some time photographing my normal product line. This took so much longer than anticipated! Not helped by the fact that I’m a ginormous perfectionist about every. single. thing! I’m launching a premium range later in the year that I’m super excited about, but I wanted to spend more time developing it rather than rushing to roll everything out at once!

Other things that are going on right now include finishing up the cleaning and unpacking from our mental house move back in July, which was promptly followed by the busiest summer we’ve ever had (huzzah). I’ve got lots of crafty plans to make it feel homely, so I’ll share those as I get them done. There will also be much less mentioned of my shop/product activities in future days, although it’s part of my life and this is going to be a kinda-lifestyle blog, so it probably will crop up now and then :)

What have you been up to over the past week?


Hello, internet peoples!

Welcome to my new blog! I thought I would make a start writing posts, as although I am launching a shop with the same name as the blog in the next few days, the blog will be largely independent of shop-happenings, and will focus more on lifestyle things, DIY projects, and sharing some amazing independent businesses I love.

Hopefully you can find your way round the site easily – I’m still working on a few oddities, so if you have any suggestions at all, please feel free to make them! I’ve tried to introduce myself fairly succinctly in the “About” section, including explaining The Primrose Parasol brand and things like that. I’m also still figuring out how to work the customisation options in WordPress, so excuse any ugly/inconsistent glitches for the time being!

This is just an introductory post, so thanks for popping by and make sure you keep an eye out for future posts :-)

Lots of love,

Menekse x